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Regenerations Ahead

HRGN is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that uses a patient’s own stem cells that are grown on a hollow tubular scaffold to regenerate organ tissue

damaged from cancer, trauma, birth defects or other diseases.

The patient’s stem cells stimulate the body’s natural regeneration process, and the scaffold guides the newly-formed tissue in the shape of the patient’s damaged


Once the neo-tissue formation is complete, typically after about three months, the scaffold is removed.

The HRGN Esophageal Implant regenerates the patient’s own esophagus.

It is the patient’s own organ, regenerated.

To see how this is done, please click here.

Doctors at world class hospitals have described the HRGN Esophageal Implant as “revolutionary”, “a breakthrough” and that “would have considerable clinical use”.

To hear doctors talk about the HRGN Esophageal Implant please click here.The world’s first regeneration of an esophagus in a human cancer patient was performed using the HRGN Esophageal Implant at Mayo Clinic. The paper was published in August 2021. Please click here to read the paper. On the basis of this successful implant, and our extensive large animal research, the FDA has approved a clinical trial for the HRGN Esophageal Implant.If you would like further information about this clinical trial, please email our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. William Fodor